Vahid Jafarnejad in Mottahedan Project

the last exhibition of Vahid Jafarnejad, curated by Endjavi-Barbe has been opened in Mottahedan Porject and will continiue until 28 Aug/2015.

Mottahedan Projects (MP) that is Situated in Dubai, is a commercial project space specializing in exhibiting and promoting international contemporary art. Featuring emerging and established artists, MP exhibits curated group shows as well as special projects by individual artists presented in the form of solo shows. Revising the traditional gallery approach, MP alleviates short-term commercial concerns by  underwriting costs such as production and guaranteeing the purchase of the works exhibited. The project space aims to broaden the world stage for contemporary art as it places works in private collections and acts as a liaison between international galleries and museums in a rapidly growing region.


in the text about artist and his work is written :

“Art need not have immediate impact to be of value; it could be troubling yet still bear repeated viewing. Vahid Jafarnejad, paintings are simultaneously horrific and comic, abject and insidiously seductive. In his work horror and the grotesque pervade the human face or its surrogate, colliding and interviewing in provocatively complex and contradictory ways. His use of forms and expression presents an intriguing parallel to the ways in which earlier artists have invoked the grotesque and monstrous (more)

the exhibition will be open until 28 Augest in Mottahedan project gallery

Mottahedan Projects gallery is located at 17, Al Joud Center, Al Quoz, 24 B Street, Sheik Zayed Road, PO box. 454802
For more information, please call: +971526076878
You could also check  websites:     & 
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