Bita Vakili | A Critic on Bita Vakili’s exhibition | Should pass

Translated by Behrad Sharifi

The presence of objects on painting canvas is called collage; this presence is because of artist’s needs to outside world and parallelism of objects and forms with what artist is trying to say. Object is real in nature and is not an image, thus artist treats it with care and precision. Records of object’s presence on canvas is going back to the time of conceptual artists in Iran such as Marcos Grigorian and Saghakhaneh’s artists. But today, many artists in artistic media crisis have turned towards this trick such as famous artist Bita Vaikili who is a well-known artist in international auctions. She has presented fifteen large-scale painting with mixed media techniques in E1 gallery.بیتا وکیلی

This series in continuation of Vakili’s past works are landscapes from a distance using collage of objects and thick colors. In these works artist has turned towards using realistic forms such as bridges, roads and tracks. Dual dominance of static forms and curves, which had formed Vakili’s previous years image tone, remains to be seen in this series.بیتا وکیلی

In her statement she points out the dual status of inside and outside, east and west, now and future.

From her point of view metal structures and modern urban forms with static forms and cell towers and repetitive square cells are the symbol of the west, and the presence of twisted clouds and embryos inside human body is a symbol of the east. From the perspective of the artist this is the eternal conversation that in contemporary historical circumstances we have to go through.بیتا وکیلی

There are emotional and expressional behaviors in Vakili’s works that we can see in the sophisticated use of colors, which are symbols for earth and sea’s texture; as we have seen in her other works, on the other hand she controls her behavior in visual area, in a way that at the beginning of creating a collage it has a predefined creative process and it’s ending can be predicted. Maybe Vakili can be called as a conceptual and expressional artist, because painter’s passion for collecting abstract visual information such as texture, color and material and on the other hand meaningful and specific references to the subject of her exhibition, all affirms this claim.بیتا وکیلی

The notable point in these works is that contemporary art is less tolerate towards uniformity and repetition. Although Vakili is trying to have more realistic tone, but she has done nothing to escape her formed logic of her previous works. Artist’s technique and material doesn’t involve a search, as it is representation of its style. Her works have sophisticated forms and compositions are artful, but search is nature of painting is considered essential for an established artist who has a personal style and audience also wants it.بیتا وکیلی