Akbar Yadegari to Hold First Exhibition in Iran

Akbar Yadegari to Hold First Exhibition in Iran

financial tribune: Acclaimed multidisciplinary German-based Iranian artist Akbar Yadegari will hold his first exhibition in Iran.

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Yadegari, 67, is a painter, writer, director, actor and poet. His exhibition at Atbin Art Gallery in Tehran will display works of acrylic on canvas, Tandis magazine of visual art reported.

Titled ‘Trauma from Cologne,’ the show is slated for January 12-23 at the gallery at No. 42, Khakzad Alley, Vali-e-Asr Avenue, southeast of Parkway junction.

اکبر یادگاری تروما از کلن گالری آتبین

Curator Javid Ramezani, 54, has coordinated the event. On display will be a selection of paintings Yadegari created in recent years. The works are mostly figurative with hints at the concept of migration.

In a note on the exhibit, Yadegari said, “To discover the true meaning of my subjects, I start a dialogue with the work at hand and continue working up to a point where it’s not clear which one is evolving, me or the painting.”

In the paintings, the veteran artist has used various tools from brush to handkerchief and facial tissues. He has used vibrant colors and smudged them with duller hues. with duller hues.