My Exhibition 4 | Roots

| Laleh Art Gallery
|The group art exhibition
| Selected by Javid Ramezani

|Artist: Behrad Sharifi, Maryam Roshanfekr, Sahar Eftekharzadeh, Zeinab Saghafi, Niloufar Taghipour, Maryam Asadi, Hamed Hakimi, Masoud Jazani, Amir koushamanesh, Ali Yahyaea,Negin Firouzi 
|MY exhibition 4, ” Roots”
| July 24st –Agust 6st ,۲۰۱۵
| Address:nort west of laleh park, Fatemi St., Tehran, Iran
| Tel: +982188960492
| Daily Viewing: everyday, 9:00am –۱:۰۰pm –  ۲:۰۰pm – ۷:۰۰pm – Closed on holidays



“Roots” is the symbol of identity and acculturation. By the word “Roots” came a group of definitions belong to stability and faith process.
This collection based on questioning self-consciousness and unexpected transitions in time and space in one hand, and internal challenge that every seeker and naturally every artist encounters in the other hand to explores the consensus between itself and atmosphere and society.
The mainstay in social and individual advancement is this consciousness about thought and experience potentials.
The aim of this exhibition is, to gather a collection of stories, interpretations, believes and memories, in the context of concept seeking in art work, and by focusing on consciousness self in the way to getting free from public perspective and economic, political and social organization forces; to maintain dispense and determent.

Javid Ramezani

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