Sheydaei Gallery inauguration

Sheydaei Gallery inauguration
Group Exhibition “First Hello Then Persistence”
Opening : Friday September 9th 2020

Sheydaei Gallery  گالری شیدایی «اول سلام بعد دوام»

Opening Visit: 16:00-20:30

Ali Zakeri/Ramin Hafizi/Mehdi Mashayekhi/Marjan Nemati/Kavian Hazeli/Parham Peyvandi/Maryam Ghazvineh/ Hoofar Haghighi

The exhibition runs till September 22nd 2020.

Visiting hours : Sunday to Thursday 15:00-20:00

Sheydaei Gallery is closed on Saturdays.

Wearing mask and following hygienic protocols are mandatory while visiting the exhibition.

Address: unit1, no.149, Baharshiraz st., Baharshiraz sq., Haftetir sq., Tehran
Tel: 0098 21 88815539

Construction and Architecture have always reflected “ time” and “direction” and as the clash, it brings about a “Nowhere” in civil space. What we visually experience every single day is the controversy between existence and destruction which they closely stand together along with their vast distance in between.
Meanwhile, time, considering as a significant factor in destruction and inhabitation, bestows the meaning of “existence “ to the former destruction. Today’s inhabitation is called “The past” that is sentenced to destruction for the future…

Sheydaei Gallery