Rapture in the moment

Deilaman art gallery: No.50, koodakan-e-Ghazeh St., Shariati Ave., Tehran-Iran

Opening & Book launch: Friday 14th of June up to 12th on July, 4 P.M

Visiting Hours: 4-8 P.M

Avam mag

masoud sadedin painting exhibition

Avam curating group is presenting Masoud Sadedin’s latest painting exhibition in Iran curated by Javid Ramezani (Curator and art critic) in Deilaman Gallery with association of d’Angers Gallery  The title of Exhibition is “Rapture in the moment” Artist wrote in his statement that:

“It has been years for me that, aside from theoretical debates, the mood and the atmosphere of the artwork is especially important. I am sure that I start with an initial display of a mental image, transferring that “moment” to the image will be possible. This image, starts from the current reality of life.

I prefer to move next to reality. In fact, if a new reality or other reality is formed, but it conveys a supposition of outer reality within it and perhaps my painting is a compressed strata of dispersed realities.

masoud sadedin painting exhibition

I am always in rapture with continuous simplicity. Rapture in true perception veiled in the simplicity. Reflection to this astonishment is the motivation I had for my latest works. I have tried to show how astonishment is manifested in an artwork. Although, I am well aware of the relativity of decisions, feeling and mental image of mine, against the subjectivity and memory of the painting itself, and the challenge between the two in the process creating the work.”

masoud sadedin painting exhibition


Born in Semnan, Iran, in 1956

In 1980 he has got his Degree in Fine Arts from Tehran University’s Department of Fine Arts

He has migrated to Germany in 1986 and lives and works there since, He leaves in Troisdorf at the Atelier Kunsthaus

Selected Exhibitions and other Activities

2019 Solo exhibition, Deilaman Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2018 Solo exhibition at the LVR Landesmuseum Bonn, Bonn, Germany

2017 Solo exhibition, Invisible, Rhein-Sieg District Art Association

2016 Recipientof the Rheinischer Kunstpreis Art Award 2016

2016 Solo exhibition, Drawings, Troisdorf City Museum, Troisdorf, Germany

2015 Group exhibition, Rhein-Sieg District Art Association, Kunsthaus/Art House Troisdorf

2014 Solo exhibition, Lulsdorf Tower, Niederkassel, Germany

2014 Solo exhibition, The Threshold, Kunsthaus Troisdorf

2012/13 Group exhibition at the Kunsthaus Troisdorf

2012 Studio at the Kunsthaus Troisdorf

2011 Group exhibition, Troisdorf City Museum

2011 International exhibition, Nord Art, Budelsdorf, Germany

2010 Group exhibition, Iran Today, ll GabbianoGallery, Rome and Galerie Brigitte Schenk, Cologne

2009 Solo exhibition, Homa Gallery, Tehran

2008/09 International exhibition, Nord-Art 08 and Nord-Art 09, Budelsdorf

2008 Solo exhibition, Homa Gallery, Tehran

2007 Große Kunstausstellung NRW, Dusseldorf art exhibition, Dusseldorf, Germany

2007 Solo exhibition, Aria Gallery, Tehran

2006 Erinnerungen Sind Querformat (Memories are Landscape Format), published by Goethe &

Hafis, Bonn

2006 Solo exhibition, Text Drawings, Troisdorf City Museum

2006 Solo exhibition, Siegburg City Museum, Siegburg, Germany

2004 Selected works exhibited, Dierdorf Art Award, Dierdorf, Germany

2004 Group exhibition, Artists Forum, Bonn

2004 Group exhibition, District Museum of Neuwied, Germany

2004 Selected works exhibited, Artists from Bonn at the Burgkloster Cultural Forum in Lubeck


2003 Selected works exhibited, Vorbild-Nachbild, Homage a Lucas Cranach d.A, Lutherstadt

Wittenberg, cover page of the catalogue and poster

2003 Group exhibition, Troisdorf City Museum

2001 Documentary exhibition, Nullkunst (Zero Art), with P.F.Farkas, Institute of Art History at

Bonn University

2000 Group exhibition at Galerie Shambala in Copenhagen, Denmark

1999 Solo exhibition at the Troisdorf City Museum

1993/94 Große Kunstausstellung NRW, Dusseldorf art exhibition

1990 Solo exhibition at Brotfabrik Cultural Centre in Bonn

1986 Solo exhibition at Tour University in Tour, France

1975-1986 numerous solo and group exhibitions in Tehran, Isfahan, Rasht and Semnan, Iran

Art critiques on Masoud Sadedin writen by Javid Ramezani: