Tehran auction sales record was broken in the fourth

Tandis: The fourth tehran auction, ended by midnight with 21.4Billion Toman.

The fourth tehran auction, which was held in Azadi hotel, ended its work by midnight with 21.4Billion Toman (6.3 Million Dollars) sell. A painting belong to Sohrab Sepehri (1973) with 530, 000 US Dollars had the highest price. Estimated value of sale for this art piece was 350,000 to 470,000 US Dollars.

رتبه نخست فروش چهارمین حراج تهران به مبلغ دو میلیارد و هشتصد میلیون تومان متعلق به سهراب سپعری

Second place also belongs to another work of Sohrab Sepehri with price of 500,000 US Dollars , total sell of Speheri’s work are about 1.5 Million US Dollars.

In Tehran’s fourth auction also 12 classic painting were presented for sale. The originality of these classic paintings were fully confirmed by Iran Cultural Heritage organization’s experts. These works belong to artists whom their works have been sold in world’s major auctions.


رتبه سوم متعلق به منوچهر یکتایی به مبلغ ۹۵۰ میلیون تومان
In classic section we can mention works belongs to Mohamad Ghafari (Kamal-ol-Molk) which its estimated price was 44,000 to 58,000 US Dollars and it was sold about 147,000 US Dollars. Other works belongs to Mirza Abdol-Motaleb (Naghash bashi) 47,000 US Dollars, Abol-Hasan Sadighi 13,500 US Dollars, Ali Mohamad Heidaryan 17 600 US Dollars.