Shirin Gallery at Art Dubai

Shirin Gallery at Art Dubai 2015 Modern

Shirin Gallery is participation in the Art Dubai Modern 2015 with works by Koorosh Shishegaran.
Kourosh Shishegaran’s works are free from the restriction of cultural, religious or political affiliation and his paintings fulfill no obligations towards traditional Iranian heritage. The intellectual freedom Shishegaranapplies in his work is truly reproduced in the freely flowing curvilinear forms he paints. His ability to refine abstraction into his art with brush strokes and colors, make hime one of the most expressive artists of the contemporary Iranian art movement. Yet Shishegaranis quick to remind us that although his forms may appear erratic and random, they are in fact precisely planned and drawn out at length.
This exhibition will present original works alongside publications in which his works appeared, and will include a publication produced for the occasion. With enthusiasm and excitement, we invite you to join us for this special occasion.
For directions, hours, and ticketing information, please check the Art Dubai website

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