Ali Nassir, Something New and Unexpected

Ali Nassir, Something New and Unexpected
Tandismag Website, Written by Javid Ramezani

English Translation by Arian Azadkam

The arrival of the first snowfall is when we step into the new location of O’ Gallery – Tehran where the paintings are considered to be an individual phenomenon.

A collection of rich and beaming colors presented in an unattached and free way of expression that public viewers could hardly match them with their concepts of visual receptions and mental perceptions.

علی نصیر

Ali Nassir is an Iranian artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He studied Fine Arts (Painting) at the Hochschule der Kunste (HdK) in Berlin between 1978 and 1983. He is an immigrant painter who has been worked and glittered in Europe for years, also taught different levels at universities as a professor. Within the last decade, he had many exhibitions in Iran. The process of Nassir’s painting notion has had an effective reflection and presence on his homegrown art society.علی نصیر

Nassir’s emigration was due to his ontological search, the passion for achieving something new and unexpected that we could vividly receive this dynamism through his works.

Nassir’s visual experiences are based on the similarity to a chaotic universe and a retrocession for humans dignity, his crashy movements on canvas are representing the picture of a suspended situation for human emotions and an undone existence of the term ‘Humanity’ in contemporary societies.علی نصیر

His learning period was concurrent with the formation of Germany’s figurative art during 70’s and 80’s which had an effect on the artist’s point of view and outcomes, although he is taking steps into other expressions and interpretations over the last 20 years.

Conflicts of humanized nature as in the shape of structures and objects alongside with human-kind schemes are resurrecting a large number of his works. Presence of figures had been decreased in his latest exhibition, this reduction along with repositioning of the objects, plants and sometimes industrialized nature on his presentations are promising a deeper poetry in his works.علی نصیر

Nassir is an observer who has gone beyond the barriers of drawing and painting. Artist’s drawing attitude for presenting his painting shakes up the boundaries, the definition of drawing based on Nassir’s mindset is an immediate detached flow which couldn’t be categorized on the basis of classical perceptions of line and drawing.

While facing his paintings its a scene like an inactive, silent play. Extended colorful surfaces in company with human figures on edges are irrelevant to our inborn apperception about the natural portrayal. Texture and line with naive, fluid and uninterrupted coloring are evident in his works which delivers a different meaning of beauty to the audience. The concentration of distance, form, and space are showing a compressed indefinite mindflow, this direction is active & powerful in his painting. Enthusiastic emotions of perceiving his environment are expressed in such an honest and innocent way that even many experienced professional viewers could not realize the true essence of the pictures fronting them.علی نصیر

How could we develop this inevitable normality for the lack of question and passion for finding the answer in our lives? this question is the result of visual interfere with Nassir works by the author which is essentially important.

Discovery and respond are the souvenirs from the emigration of the artist which are undoubtedly represented in his works. Nassir’s visual expression is due to his inner space and his very own personal universe. Plain colors, flat compositions, and absence of a logical narration in his exhibited works keep the aesthetical attraction of Nassir’s painting alive for me. Nassir’s objects couldn’t be settled on their sensible forms under any circumstances, throughout these structures, he is showing desperate cities, unidentified objects, loneliness and colored misery. Precise introversion of his paintings is just like an unknown language that invokes his audience to a challenge, also decoding his works by relying on logical visual sensations would definitely be a huge mistake.علی نصیر

Nassir is careless to the order of contemporary art critical issues and he has been creating pictures using his own intuition, it seems like differentiation and movement are cooperating with his considerable inwardness to shape his world, through his aspect the world is a picture organized by the difference of forms and shifting and movement of them will be executed via artist’s inner perspective. علی نصیر

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