Light-Statues by Su Studio| e1 art gallery

Light-Statues by Su Studio
Artist: Shahryar Hatami- Navid Salajegheh
e1 art gallery

Thursday Feb 16th, and Friday Feb 17th 2017 / Visiting Hrs: 4-8 pm
We kindly ask you not to be accompanied by children under 10 years old

Address: ۱, Hamid Alley, Lessani st, Jebheh st, Mahdiyeh st, Elahiyeh
Tel.: 22607126 & 22612142-3

“SU” is a collaborative design project between Shahryar Hatami (artist-designer) and Navid Salajegheh (artist-architect), through which they gather the industrial aesthetics into their formalism studies. In SU’s first generation products which are about how to work with metal, the focus is on the shape and its shadows through the light. Each product of this collection is a light-statue which studies a specific approach on the material and the translation of its shape into the shadows

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